Care for your tools

All wooden tools in the kitchen dry out with use. Proper care will ensure they last generations. Never put your wooden tools in the dishwasher!  But feel free to wash your wooden tools in warm water with soap. Towel dry them afterwards.

When I’ve made a utensil, I finish it with four coats of a food-safe finish from #Osmo finishes. I use their TopOil product (#3056). This finish is excellent, long-wearing and yields an awesome feel to the finished piece.

From time to time, depending on how much they are used/washed, you will need to afford them some care; wood fibres lift, lignins open.

**If you use your tools frequently**, coating them liberally with Olive Oil and leaving them out overnight on a cookie tray works well. If used less frequently, mineral oil from a drug store is also a good option to keep the wood soaked in goodness. After the first few washes, your new tool may roughen a little but then settle down with use. Follow the procedures above to keep your tools in fine fettle.

Bottle of Mineral Oil
Glass flask of Olive Oil