Butter Knives

These knives feel awesome in your hand.

They fill your grip for spreading condiments, scooping out an avocado, separating frozen foods, passing on to the next generation. A few in a ceramic cup on your kitchen counter make a gorgeous statement.


I also make a longer version I call the PeanutButterKnife. If you’re like me, you hate getting jam or peanut butter on your knuckles when the level in the jar gets low. So these longer knives are made just for those who could do without stuff on your knuckles.

I use cherry, walnut, or birch for these knives (or a combination thereof)

Collection of butter knives in a ceramic cup

Butter Knives

Butter knife, in cherry
Butter knife, in walnut and birch
Butter knife, in walnut and cherry
Butter knife, in birch and cherry
Collection of Peanut butter knives in a zebrawood pot

PeanutButter Knives

Collection of Peanut butter knives
Peanut butter knife and standard butter knife